Samples Of My Poetry



Eternal Darkness

Her exquisite beauty cloaks coldness
Night’s shadowy arms perpetually embrace her
She sheds her mystery to reveal her charms
Luring those who glance at her
The beguiled seek romance from her
Awaiting meager offerings
To her they erroneously cling
An emotion petrified
The dawn of her creation
The only craving

A connoisseur
She inhales flavor
Knows whom to savor
Icy breath
Stills warmth in veins
Razor-sharp incisors drain
Hapless souls waste in eternal night
For her insidious delight

© Monica M. Martin 2007


Lucid Stream…

I’m lost in la la Land
Sighing away minutes
Just thinking about him
That unique
Utterly mesmerizing man
I have a penchant for

Alpha male personified
Behind his uplifting smile and intense eyes
Lies a highly evolved analytical mind
A truly compassionate heart
And a soul awakened lifetimes before
An enlightened one

He radiates luminescent light
He humbles me
Inspires me to reach higher
To become more than I am

He is touched with a delightful kinda naughty
That seeps in
And melts my bones
With its intense voracious flame

A beautiful apparition
He wanders through my flights of fancy
Consuming moments like this
From his ethereal bond
There’s no escape
But if one must have an addiction
He is an easy choice to make.

© Monica M. Martin 2007



Painting Iris

I paint my immortal flower
Stroke sunlight through her darkness
Her violet wings extend
And flutter gently against my tongue
She curves and bends
I feel her delicate layers unfurl
Inner and outer
Dewy and soft
Sweet and delicate on my lips
Quivering with every brush
Dancing to my stroke
Ebony beauty in motion
Aching in surrender
To my masterful stroke
I have rendered my Iris

© Monica M. Martin 2005



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